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by GoWork Team

Where could you possibly find a shared office in Jakarta? Well, if you’re tired of working in a private office and just wants to feel what it’s like to be connected with other people in your work area, you could actually look for a shared office for rent around Jakarta. Whether you’re looking for a serviced office or a shared office in Jakarta, this coworking space in MCC got you covered! But, why pick GoWork Millennium Centennial Center?

One of the Biggest Shared Office in Jakarta

shared office in jakarta

Located in the 38th to 40th floor of GoWork MCC, this means that this coworking space is probably one of the biggest coworking space in the heart of Central Jakarta. Moreover, this coworking space has plenty of private offices available for rent if you’re looking for a private serviced office. However, if you’re looking for a shared office in the heart of Jakarta, this coworking space provides you with 3 floors full of coworking desk. No need to look for one of those offices in a corporate building since this place already has an executive office design to please your eyes.

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More Spaces = More Connections

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What would you get if you have more shared coworking area in one place? Obviously, you’d get more connection right? The more people using the area, the more people you could get to know. Imagine this, you’ve just started your startup journey and looking for a space to work, you wouldn’t instantly rent a private office, would you? Why? Well, it’s simply expensive to rent a private office all by yourself, especially if your business is still new. You’d start off with a shared office to get to know new people, but why is this important? Well, if you’re a solo fighter in your business, you definitely need people to work along with you right? Most of the people working in a coworking space are either entrepreneurs or freelancers, this would give you a chance to meet potential business partners or coworkers. What if you already have a business client and only need a meeting room to meet them? No worries, this coworking space in Jakarta provides you with 3 floors full of meeting rooms to fulfill your needs.

In the End, Everyone Wants a Strategic Location

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Yup, the header says it all, in the end, people really just want a strategic location to work. The best thing about this place is you’d be close to so many hangout places in Central Jakarta, such as Grand Indonesia Mall, Plaza Indonesia, and so many hotels in Jakarta. Moreover, if you go outside MCC building, the MRT is waiting just in front of you, easy access anywhere right? You could fully take advantage of public transportation if you have an office here. Anyways, thanks to the MRT, it’s actually much easier and possible to go anywhere you want, thus making it a really flexible office space to have.

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