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Shared Office Space in Jakarta | GoWork Pondok Indah

by GoWork Team

Looking for shared office space in Jakarta? Or simply looking for the best office space in town? Well, here is an office space for rent in South Jakarta! Office space for rent in the big city of Jakarta is not easy to be found. Even worse, working in Jakarta adds an extra amount of pressure, what is it? Sometimes the location is either too crowded or jammed to be reached by your own personal vehicles. Due to this reason, this coworking space in Pondok Indah is here to ease your effort. Nevertheless, this question could possibly cross your mind, why Pondok Indah though?

Flexible Shared Office Space

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Due to its dynamic and accessible location, GoWork Pondok Indah could even be one of the most favorable locations to have as your office. Why? First of all, let us ask you a simple question, which place do you prefer, the huddled or jammed one? What’s the difference? Well, crowded is like the heart of Central Jakarta, it’s jammed, crowded with vehicles, and very stressful to even bare the traffic, how about huddled? Well, huddled is the lesser version of jammed, here you wouldn’t worry too much about the traffic since the place is not overflowing with vehicles. Don’t you just feel lazy if you have to be stuck in traffic just to go to a mall? For example, you wanna go to Grand Indonesia Mall just to enjoy a lunch in your favorite restaurant, but getting there is a problem due to the traffic, well this wouldn’t happen if you have an office in this area. Did we mention it’s located in Pondok Indah Office Tower, which is right next to Pondok Indah Mall? Therefore making it easy to grab something to eat.

Executive Office Design

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If you think a coworking space’s design is just like any other office space that you’d find in town, you’d probably be wrong. If you are imagining it would be like one of those offices with a white-themed filled with chair and desk, you’d be wrong again. Unlike any other coworking space or office space in Jakarta, the office spaces for lease provided by GoWork always pay attention to details, therefore making it much more enjoyable to work. But, what if you’re one of those people who doesn’t simply care about design? What if you want to know more about the services provided?

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What is a Serviced Office?

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We know, you’re in this article to know more about shared office right, so why are we discussing serviced office? What is a serviced office, and what makes a serviced office? Well, serviced office, in this case, isn’t literally serviced private office, this means you’d get the same facility like virtual office services if you either rent a private office or a shared office space (a.k.a. coworking area). Yet again, what’s the difference? Aren’t they all the same? Well, to answer that, it would be yes and no, yes you’d get more or less the same facilities provided in a private office if you rent a shared office, but no, you wouldn’t get the privacy if you rent shared office space, but what would you get then?

Ever Heard the Phrase, Connection is Key?

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Well, have you ever heard that phrase before? If you haven’t, this is the phrase, now you have. But, what does it mean? Well, it is proven that no one could ever run a business by themselves, you need other people. Gladly for you, renting an office space in this coworking space means you’d get to meet tons of new people, this is crucial if you’re just starting your startup journey, you’d get to meet different people who just might be the partner you’re meant to find (we’re talking about business partner, not that kind of partner, but who knows right?).

So, what do you think of this shared office space in Jakarta? Interested to know more about this coworking space in Pondok Indah? Well, simply check out GoWork Pondok Indah!