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Startup Office Space | GoWork Senayan City 2.0

by GoWork Team

A startup office space is just the thing that everyone needs when they’re starting their startup journey, why startup office space? Well, if you’re looking for corporate office space as a starter for your office, then that’s quite a bold move, why? Here are so many reasons why you should choose a modern coworking space rather than an executive office suite when starting your startup journey. Here is GoWork Senayan City 2.0, an office space suitable for your startup!

Flexible and Affordable Office Space

Startup Office Space

Not only is it cheaper than a regular corporate office space you’ll find in most places, but due to its location in Senayan City, you’ll get a more flexible office space. How is it flexible, you might ask? Well to start it off, you’ll get an office space that is directly connected to Senayan City Mall, so you’ll get instant access to all your favorite clothing store and restaurants. The much better thing that makes it more flexible is this coworking space provides you with a coworking app, what does this mean? Through this app, you’ll get tons of benefits provided by this coworking space, such as free coffee from Djournal coffee, discounts in various vendors, and a lot more. Did we mention you could even book a meeting room? Therefore, making it more convenient to meet your business client or partner.

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Rent an Office for a Day

office space for rent

What if you’re not looking for a place to rent in a monthly period? What if you just want to rent an office for a day, sometimes people could get lazy if they have to go to the office every day. Well, it’s very possible to rent an office for a day here. “But would we still get the same benefit as the one with the monthly membership?” you might ask. Well, to answer that, the simple answer would be yes, you would, the only difference is the period of time you are in the office. You’d get to use the high-speed internet, the relaxing lounge areas, the refillable artisan coffee, the Skype booth, and all the other amenities, so no need to worry about not getting anything if you just rent for a day.

Pleasing to the Eye Startup Office Space Design

office for rent

Imagine what would happen if you rent an office somewhere in Jakarta and you end up having a cubicle type of office? Would it suck? Would you be bored? Well, this wouldn’t happen if you have really pleasing to the eye office space design. Work would be more productive and enjoyable right? If you’re looking for office suites for rent with a really artistic design and close to several malls, GoWork Senayan City 2.0 is the place to go.

So what do you think of this particular serviced office in Senayan? Did we mention having an office space here could even give you a virtual office space with all its virtual office services? Did we even mention that the toilet has a view directly towards the golf course beside Senayan City? This is not the only location provided by GoWork as they have several other locations, interested to look at other locations? Or are you interested to find out more about this startup office space?

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