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Serviced Office in Jakarta | GoWork Pacific Place 2.0

by GoWork Team

A serviced office in the big city of Jakarta is certainly a diamonds to every entrepreneur. Looking for a place to rent a serviced office in Jakarta? What if we mention that you could actually have your own office inside a mall? This isn’t the first office space for rent that is located inside a mall, GoWork coworking space provides numerous other places inside a mall such as fX, Plaza Indonesia, Senayan City, and let’s not forget Pacific Place. So, what’s the difference to this one? Well, not much actually, it’s located just below the first coworking space in Pacific Place. GoWork Pacific Place has truly shown that a lot of people likes to have an office inside a mall, and here are the reasons why.

An Office inside a Corporate Building is Old School

serviced office in jakarta

Don’t you just hate it when your office is inside one of those corporate buildings where you have to exchange your ID card to enter? Imagine this, you parked your car and when you take a look at your watch, it seems like you made it just in time to the office. Hold on, you just realized that you need to queue on that long line just to exchange your ID card. Alas, you’re late for work, don’t you just hate that feeling? Well, having an office inside a mall relinquishes those guilty feelings as you don’t need to change your ID card for the sake of going in. Another thing is having a workspace here gives you access to all your favorite restaurants and shopping stores, whereas if you rent an office space inside an office building in Jakarta, you’d have to walk outside of the building to go to the nearest shopping malls, such a waste of time and energy right?

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Pleasing to the Eye Serviced Office in Jakarta

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Having a serviced office in Pacific Place 2.0 would give you access to not only Pacific Place 2.0 but also the first coworking space in Pacific Place, directly above GoWork Pacific Place 2.0. Why pleasing to the eye? Well, this coworking space in Pacific Place is unlike any other coworking space, why did we say that? First of all, most office spaces don’t really pay attention to the design they implement in their surroundings. They just provide you with minimum design, all up to you to design your own place, which means additional cost, expensive right? Well, you wouldn’t need to worry about all those additional payments in here, you only need to pay for the rent and you’ll get a grade A office space with all the facilities included.

Serviced Office Accommodation

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Again, if you think you’ll only get a private office and the coworking area, you’re wrong, there are tons of accommodation provided for you. Other than a furnished office, you’ll get a lounge area to network and connect with other different people, a conference room or meeting rooms to hold your meeting with potential business clients or partners, virtual office services, printing services, phone booth, and even onsite staff to answer your dire questions regarding our locations.

So what do you think of this particular serviced office in Jakarta? This is not the only location provided by GoWork as they have several other locations, interested to look at other locations? Check out other Serviced Office Spaces in Jakarta!