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Offices for Rent | GoWork Millennium Centennial Center

by GoWork Team

Looking for offices for rent in the big city of Jakarta? Finding office space for rent in the big city of Jakarta isn’t an easy task at all. Well, a big city like Jakarta needs big offices for rent as well. Gladly for you, it wouldn’t be that hard to find these offices for rent, why? Well, simply put, there’s a new building coming to Jakarta really soon. Did we mention that this huge coworking space in the heart of Jakarta would give you tons of office spaces for lease? Here are all the reasons why you should think of moving to this chic office!

A Huge Office Space

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Located in the heart of Jakarta, you would expect to find tall buildings all around, this building is no exception, how? Well, first of all, it’s located in Millennium Centennial Center, which is probably one of the newest buildings in Jakarta. It’s practically close to every place you could think of in Jakarta? This means an all-access pass to all your favorite locations like Grand Indonesia Mall, Plaza Indonesia, and several other malls or even hotels if you’re not planning to stay in Jakarta for a long time. Not only that, but GoWork MCC (Millennium Centennial Center) occupied all 3 floors inside it, but what does that have a thing to do with offices for rent?

More Floors Means More Offices for Rent

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Just like we said before, located in the heart of Jakarta makes this place desired as much as a bee to a flower, it is desirable considering its strategic location. But, one thing you should know about this place, considering it has 3 floors, there are tons of office spaces for rent. This is definitely the place if you’re looking to rent a space. Now here comes the big question, which one to choose, shared office space or private office space?

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Which Serviced Office Space to Choose From?

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Before we get to that, let us ask you this question, what do you look for in an office? Do you seek the privacy that you’d normally get if you rent your own office suite? Or do you search for the dynamic, new connections you’d get in a shared office space (A.K.A. Coworking Space)? Or perhaps, you’re simply looking for a temporary office space that you could rent for a day? If this is what you’re looking for, then you might as well rent the coworking space for a day. However, what if you’re looking for a permanent place to move your company? Well, renting a private office gives you access to all the benefits and amenities you’d get in this coworking space. Not to mention, you wouldn’t need to bother looking/buying your own furniture for your office, this place provides you with fully furnished office space for rent. Where else would you get an office with these benefits in other places? Normally in other commercial property for rent, you would only get a chair and a table without all the other amenities and benefits. We keep mentioning these benefits and all, but what is it all about?

Fully Furnished Office for Rent

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Yes, we mentioned that you wouldn’t only get a chair and a desk like other places, but what else could this coworking space in Jakarta provide you other than its robust and quick WiFi connection? Well, remembering that this coworking space has 3 floors, it would give you a really spacious lounge area, a truly great place for you to either work, relax, or even make a new connection. Next, you’d even get your own private phone booth, therefore making your business talk as private as it could be. Having your own office space means you’d also get your own dedicated printing service and onsite staffs that are ready for you every weekday of the week. Did we mention you’d get your own cleaning service without any additional cost? No need to worry about cleaning your own office or paying more for hiring a cleaning service anymore right?

So, what do you think of this office space for rent? Still looking for another office space? Well, GoWork has several other coworking spaces scattered around Indonesia, check out Office for Rent available at GoWork!