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Coworking Space in Tangerang | GoWork Green Office Park

by GoWork Team

There are tons of coworking spaces in Indonesia, specifically in Jakarta, it’s full of it! But, how about Tangerang? There is also a coworking space in Tangerang. It’s a fast-growing city, especially in BSD. Moreover, more and more people are actually saying that BSD and all its surroundings are going to take over Jakarta as the “Go To” place for new businesses and startups. Even more so, more startups mean more people looking for serviced offices for rent? What does this mean? Well, it simply means there need to be more office spaces for rent. Looking for a coworking space or serviced offices for rent in Tangerang? Well, you’re in luck! This new coworking space just in front of The Breeze BSD is suitable enough for you, and here are the reasons why!

Not as Crowded as Jakarta

Coworking Space BSD

Located in the 6th floor of Green Office Park, BSD City, this guarantees you one thing for sure, it’s not as crowded as Jakarta. Surely, Jakarta is a great place for startups to grow, there are tons of business opportunities here and there, NOW. But, how about in the near future? The main reason why Jakarta is crowded is simply that a lot of people are working in Jakarta. The problem working in Jakarta is also that it makes you consider to work from home rather than facing the heavy traffic in Jakarta. There are too many businesses in Jakarta, yet there aren’t so many spaces available to work. Yes, you could actually look for a coworking space in Jakarta, but again, you would be facing Jakarta’s all-time enemy, its traffic jam. How about Tangerang? Currently, it’s a fast-growing city with so many new startups and businesses in development, and there are so many rooms to grow your business. The best part: you rarely get stuck in traffic.

The Breeze BSD is Just in Front

The Breeze BSD

Yeah, you read that right, no need to worry about eating anymore, there are literally tons of food there. Some of you people who work in Jakarta might even prefer to stay and work from home in Jakarta due to the harsh traffic and difficulty to find foods near your office. Well, here, you wouldn’t need to worry about all of that. The Breeze BSD is one of those so-called malls where you won’t find much clothing stores, but more of a restaurant, they even got their own food court there, and did we mention it was also cheap?

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Tons of Serviced Offices for Rent

coworking space in tangerang

Yup, there is a gazillion of serviced offices for rent here. Oops, we’re just kidding, there aren’t a gazillion of private offices, but there are surely tons of them available for rent. Anyways, who doesn’t want a private office in BSD, Jakarta is getting too crowded with buildings and offices, and Green Office Park BSD surely gives you the convenience you need. Besides, we know you’re probably stressed out working in your office from 9 to 5, and facing traffic jam after work isn’t helping either, having a coworking space in BSD might ease your mind for a bit. Other than serviced offices, if you’re looking for a virtual office in Tangerang, this place also provides you with virtual office services you need for your fast-growing business.

So, what do you think of this coworking space in Tangerang? Want to know more about our newest locations? You could also click below to find out more, we will definitely keep you updated!

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