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Event Space Jakarta | Host Your Events Here

by GoWork Team

Jakarta, a place where a lot of events are happening, there are a lot of places in Jakarta where numerous events are being held by numerous communities in Jakarta. “What’s happening in Jakarta?” That’s the question people all over Jakarta always ask day by day. People want to know where’s the best place to go, best events in Jakarta, or even the best place to celebrate birthday in Jakarta. Well surprisingly, a coworking space could provide those answers for you!

Renting an Event Space in Jakarta

Event Space Central Jakarta

Who says you can only find a function room at a venue space? In Jakarta, you can find anything literally anywhere, even in a coworking space. Coworking in Indonesia is becoming a trend nowadays in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta. They know one fact, they couldn’t simply provide coworking space itself. They also need meeting rooms, event spaces, and so on. Coworking spaces in Jakarta are racing to provide you with the venue you need to host your events. So where are these event spaces?

Event Space Central Jakarta

Need a function room to host a private party venue in Jakarta? Or do you need a space to host a conference in Jakarta? Well, look at the image on the left above and on the right below, now imagine it without those chairs. Hosting your events in the center of Jakarta is obviously the right choice, why?  First things first, it is in Central Jakarta, specifically in Thamrin, Sudirman, which is probably the center of town where there are many things happening in Jakarta.

Event Space Sudirman

Second, it is near several hotels in Jakarta, need to host a big event and need to come early? This coworking space provides you with an event space where it is near several hotels. Some of the big names are located in the Bunderan HI area, such as Mandarin Hotel, Grand Hyatt, Kempinski, and many more. There are tons of communities in Jakarta who often hosted events like seminars, community gatherings, even a private party is possible. This particular event venue in Central Jakarta really pays attention to details, thus making it different to other coworking spaces, normally other coworking spaces won’t care too much on the design, whereas this coworking space provided by Go-Work really paid attention to details. Speaking of providing, they provide 2 event venues, both located on the 8th and 9th floor.

South Jakarta Venue

South Jakarta has been known to be the place where digital nomads, tech-savvy, entrepreneurs, and even freelancers gather. Are you those people who want to host your tech events, entrepreneur seminars, or maybe an event regarding content creation? This is the exact place where it is happening in Jakarta. There had been several events hosted in Rework Kuningan revolving around those topics.

Event Space South Jakarta

This venue in South Jakarta provides you more than just a colorful event space, it also provides you with the flexibility. What does flexibility mean? Well, first of all, it’s basically in front of the TransJakarta Bus Stop, so it’s very easy to get there. Second, it has lighter traffic than other places in Jakarta, what more could you ask right? Finally, due to the place being located in Setiabudi 2, this makes finding food easier, hungry while attending or hosting an event? You don’t need to worry about that here.

The final location which is perfect to host or attend an event is in Pacific Place. What comes to your mind when you hear that mall? Probably high end, expensive, and prestigious right? There are a lot of entrepreneurs who often hosted an event like seminars and meetups in this event space in SCBD (Sudirman Central Business District). So, what does hosting an event in SCBD give you? Well, it could actually give you the prestige you want. Imagine hosting an event in a high-end place, people would think you’re prestigious. Speaking of entrepreneurs earlier, what if you are an entrepreneur? What if you’re looking for a private office and not an event space? Well, check it out here!