Building Global Products with Silicon Valley Abroad

8 August 2018

In partnership with Silicon Valley Abroad, a company building startup ecosystems in emerging markets, we would like to present “Building Global Products”.

This talk will engage founders, product managers, product designers, and marketing on Silicon Valley’s practices on how to build products that scale across emerging markets.

The panel will invite the industry’s well-known panelists to have them engage on a discussion of a lifetime.

Dianna Yau, is a Program Product Manager @ Facebook building products to make internet connectivity more affordable and accessible in emerging markets. Before Facebook, she was at IBM, Rocket Internet and Google working across marketing, product, growth. She's passionate about startups in emerging markets and has mentored early stage startups across 6 continents.

Charu Jangid is Senior Product Manager at LinkedIn where she leads the world’s largest product for professional identity, the LinkedIn profile. Charu has spoken at OpenAir by Airbnb, Microsoft Ignite, Grace Hopper Conference, and has been featured in CNET, AdWeek, Financial Express and more. Interested in joining?