Mastering Chinese Mandarin Effectively

Mastering Chinese Mandarin Effectively

9 November - 31 December 2021
Mandarin Course Introduction :

Mandarin is widely spoken foreign languages, second after English. In the past decade more and more people are starting to learn Chinese Mandarin, however most of them are not successful due to the difficulties of languages, and no environmental to let them speak and practice regularly.

At WuMandarin, we offer the most effective and yet efficient methods of learning Chinese Mandarin from zero, with our expertise in language, education and pivot technologies assistance, we are here to bring you the new way of learning Mandarin for all levels and learning-purposes

  • The Basic Concept of Mandarin, Pinyin, Tones and Pronunciation
  • Recap and re-enforce the Basic Concept
  • Mandarin For Me: distinguish and categories learner into specific learning goals, needs more customer-driven learning method
  • Exam preparation such as HSK examination, YCT and related course certification
  • Fun Interactive Learning with Forum Discussion, on our social media platform such as Whats-App, Telegram and Google Classroom Management for discussion, practice and App-based learning
  • Practical Inquiry and Business Simulation, live practice with native speakers from China, Taiwan.
  • Certification from WuMandarin upon the completion various level of learning

Felix Gosal – Founder of WuMandarin, WuGroup Global Venture and Tech Communities

Initiated by the Founder Felix Gosal and his fellow partners. We established “Wu Mandarin” in 2015, with the aim to deliver and bring new ways in learning Chinese Mandarin to a non-native speaker. Felix personally was born in Indonesia, with zero-knowledge and know how to speak, write in Mandarin. We have implemented the direct approaches, high-involvement with student’sto boost their confidence in learning Mandarin.With our Motto, “Mandarin is Easy”, we provide wide-array of Mandarin program as early as Nursery to Adult Courses.

This Offline and Online Courses are Suggested For
  • Student (Offline and Online Program) Do Note: “Only Fully Vaccinated Students are Eligible to join our Offline Courses

  • College / University Student (Intended to Mandarin Language Enthusiast Learner / Existing Student in Chinese Curriculum College/University in China, Taiwan and Hongkong Who Wish to improve their Mandarin)

  • Professional/Career-Person and Entrepreneur

  • Adult Courses for Career Advancement and Business Opportunities

  • Corporate Training of Group Session

  • Full practical insights and knowledge from the Expert
  • Live Q&A session
  • Speaker's Notes, E-Book, Practical Quizes, Past-Year Papers
  • Subscription-based AI Mandarin Learning Apps, relevant reading, journal etc
  • Group Discussion on Social Media, (WhatsApp, Telegram, Linkedin – Networking among professional and business owner
  • Chinese Culture, Business Etiquettes and Doing Business in China
  • Practical Communication Skill Practice and Negotiation Skills
  • Support from our existing teams, networks, mentor

  • Device (Handphone, Laptop) & Stationery, Notes, Earphones
  • Make sure you have a good internet connection.
  • Get your notes/laptop ready.

  • The course will be conducted in English with certain extend moderation of Bahasa
  • The event will be held via Offline for Physical Course and Online via Zoom Meeting Apps. So, please be advised to download Zoom and sign up/sign in through your Zoom account before the event start.
  • The invitation zoom link will be given once you sign up and completed the course registration with us, therefore kindly check your Google Classroom and e-mail regularly
  • Please kindly check your Spam Box if you could not find the email regarding the Zoom link in your inbox.
  • Participants are advised to login for the zoom link at least 15 minutes prior the session stars, and 30 minutes before the class start to complete the health protocols and visitor registration at GoWork entrance door, will be assisted by onboard associate officer
  • Failure to attend during both online and offline event due to personal reasons would not entitle for replacement class, unless legitimate prove is made such as personal sickness and other urgent matters. Notification must be made at least a day prior the event/course date. WuMandarin does not responsible for any class which students have miss out.
  • Please feel free to reach out to us at
  • for further inquiries assistance and information related to our course and services