Achieve Your Unique Fulfilling Career Today!

Achieve Your Unique Fulfilling Career Today!

5 November 2021

Stress Management Indonesia (SMI) mission is to create a healthy-life movement by building a mentally and physically healthy community and providing the right information and the most suitable solution for managing mental health. Over the years, we have reached 80.872+ people and collaborated with Telkomsel, GenHR, Tatler Indonesia, English First, and many more.


Have you ever wondered why success and happiness seems to come so easily to some people while it remains so elusive to others? If you fall into the latter camp, you may wonder what you’re doing wrong. Because the world has become so competitive, doing well in your job and moving forward with your career is more important now than ever. Career advancement and recognition are on every professional's list of goals. But what sets the exceptional professionals apart? What are your unique happy career goals? How you may be holding yourself from reaching those goals? More importantly, how do you unhold yourself? And finally, how to stay consistent and reach your happy career goals? Coach Pris, Certified Brain Health Coach will answer these questions, and many more from neuroscience perspective.

  • How to identify and define your career goals
  • Traits and habits that can hold you back from reaching your career goals
  • How to be free from those traits and habits
  • How to achieve your career goals

Coach Pris - CEO of Stress Management Indonesia
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Certified Academic Coach
  • Certified Executive Coach
  • Certified Self Discovery Practitioner
  • Certified Brain Health Coach
Amanda Theresia - People Development Manager of GoWork

  • Make sure you have a good internet connection
  • Get your notes/laptop ready

This session will be conducted in Bahasa Indonesia