Becoming a Millennial Millionaire

Becoming a Millennial Millionaire

27 April 2019

Millennials are some of the most driven, creative and dynamic people currently competing for shares in the modern business market in various industries. The product of their entrepreneurial pursuits seems to saturate the news every month, each trying to strike gold.

In such a competitive world, how can you become a Millenial Millionaire and achieve your goals? History tells us that property is a consistent, stable and rewarding way to invest. In short, it's the sure-fire way to multiply your wealth in no time. But how do you start when investing in property is so capital intensive? Learn more about the secrets to millennial success by investing just Rp 99.000,00 / day, in Becoming A Millennial Millionaire, a GoWork event, in partnership with The Parc, SouthCity.