EKRUT : Innovations Inside Hottest Startups

EKRUT : Innovations Inside Hottest Startups

24 July 2019

What are the innovative technologies that are being used by the hottest startups nowadays?

You don't have to be an industry insider to know about tech companies with popular products but in order to be competitive as a company you have to know the latest hottest product, right? Therefore, do you know all the upcoming technologies that could be tomorrow's market leaders? Know the innovations inside the hottest startups with :

  1. Sofian Hadiwijaya, Co-Founder of Warung Pintar
  2. Sindarigo, VP of Engineering of FORE Coffee
  3. Suharsono Hartono, CTO of EKRUT

At the end of the event, you will experience networking sessions that you will enjoy. Also, don't go home too early as we have awesome snacks for you.

This event is supported by GoWork.