Ngabuburit Bareng Marchella NKCTHI & FeMale Radio

16 May 2019

Hello GoWork Members! This Ramadan, we at GoWork believe that you deserve to stay productive while celebrating the holy month. That's why we're holding the special Ramadan event "Ngabuburit : Ngobrol Bareng Marchella", in partnership with FeMale Radio. In this special event, we're going to wait for the breaking of fast, or “NGABUBURIT” as we usually call it here, by discussing with Marchella herself about each chapter of her new book: Nanti Kita Cerita Tentang Hari Ini, NKCTHI and special acoustic performance by Nina Tamam ft. Jubing Kristanto.

Join other GoWork members in this exclusive and insightful event by booking your spot through our official GoWork app. See you at the event!