Why Coworking is Important
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Why Coworking is Important

by GoWork Team

Now that you’ve heard of coworking space, you must be asking why coworking is important. Is it really necessary to work in a coworking space to create a network with people? Coworking space has really become a thing in the 21st century, people have become accustomed to working in a shared office space rather than working or having their own private office, but why?

#1 Reason Why Coworking is Important

Hot Desking

So what exactly is the number one reason why coworking space is important? Well, cut to the chase, humans are sociable people. We couldn’t possibly live or work alone. Having your own private office means you’ll only be working with your coworkers or workers, which is too solitude isn’t it? Whereas if you work or have an office in a coworking space, it’s impossible for you to not get a connection, unless if you are a really introverted people who love to work alone. So what does the coworking community has to offer for you?

The Seed of All Problems, Money

Shared Office Space

No, we didn’t mean stealing your friend’s money if you work in a coworking space, that’s not the way you make a connection. But, what we do mean is for you to build a connection that will eventually fund your startup or business.

And yes, by that, we meant investors or venture capitalist. Here’s the problem if you work in a private office, no one would actually really know you’re in that building. While if you work in a coworking space, chances are you’ll meet tons of different people, potentially your business partner or investors.

Free Flow of Beverages

Cafe Coworking Space

Remember those times when you had to go to a coffee shop, a café, or a café that looks like a coworking space to work? Most of them charge you by the hour to rent, or simply buy a coffee, right? But what if you want to drink more coffee? Do you have to buy and spend other money? That wouldn’t be flexible would it?

Well, you could actually get a free flow of beverages if you have your own private office right? But it will all be on your own cost, you’d have to pay for them all by yourself. Well, this certainly won’t happen if you work in a coworking space.

Ever Heard of the Term Hot Desking?

Collaborative Workspace

The title says it all, ever heard of the term, hot desking? It’s basically a term where coworkers rotate their desk and move to work in another position. Well, in the coworking space industry, the term is slightly different. It’s a condition where you become nomadic and work all over the place, not specifically in one location. This gives you the pleasure of working from various different places. This way, you wouldn’t need to worry about being bored working in the same place over and over again. Besides, working remotely in different places is more fun rather than staying in the same place.

So what do you think of coworking now? Seems more fun than simply working in a private office right? Now you might be asking, where to find these coworking spaces? Or “Are there any coworking spaces near me?” Well, for that, you could simply click below to find out more!

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