Five Reasons Why Startups Need Coworking Spaces
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Five Reasons Why Startups Need Coworking Spaces

by GoWork Team

You may instantly picture a bunch of young people lounging around drinking coffee and looking at their phones when you picture a coworking space, but this type of working environment really does have some positive benefits:

1. Affordability

A coworking space is going to cost you a lot less than a long term lease on an office. The only thing cheaper might be using your local coffee bar, but that probably won’t work too well given the mounting distractions. and security risks to your belongings when you pop to the loo!

2. Your space can grow as your company grows

Coworking spaces are intended to offer you flexibility and if you suddenly find that your company has twice the number of employees than last week, it is a simple process to upgrade to a bigger office next door to your existing one.

3. They have all the stuff you will need

Your business can thrive and grow if you take advantage of the services that most coworking spaces offer. Whether it is useful advice on accounting or investing, or a sales pitch to a potential investor, coworking spaces have networks and partnerships with a variety of business service providers to help your company handle all administrative matters. And of course, you have neighbors who are probably only too happy to answer your questions.

4. Networking

Chances are that your coworking space neighbors are useful business contacts for you to have! You may have access to the expertise of a private practice lawyer or a video production expert. Tapping into the diverse range of skills and networking whenever possible is a must, as just about every startup company knows.

5. Positive energy is important

Those late nights and self-doubt can be a challenge to anyone running a startup company. One of the biggest benefits of a coworking space is being able to turn to other like-minded people for support. Someone else nearby has probably been in the same position as you or faced the same issues, and having that emotional support can be invaluable for any startup company.