GoWork Credits GoWork Credits
GoWork Credits is a convenient way to pay for your space bookings at GoWork. Save your time on booking our meeting room and coworking seamlessly using GoWork Credits, anytime, anywhere.

What are GoWork Credits?

GoWork Credits is an integrated payment system for transactions in GoWork.

Meeting Room
GoWork Credits
for Booking a Room

Use credits to book fully equipped well-designed meeting rooms in multiple locations across Indonesia.

GoWork Credits
for Booking a Desk

Use credits to book an inspiring and energizing workspace for you and your team in strategic and convenient locations across Indonesia.

Who can use GoWork Credits?

GoWork Credits can be used by paid members of GoWork who are looking to book spaces at any GoWork location through our App.

Why are GoWork Credits better than other payment methods?

GoWork Credits is a convenient cashless payment method. Our credit system automatically integrates bookings into the system so you can plan your work ahead. In addition, GoWork Credits give you the best value for your purchase and a faster time in booking our workspaces.

Where can we get or buy GoWork Credits?

GoWork credits are available for purchase through GoWork App. You are also will be given credits when you sign up for our membership plan.

How to use GoWork Credits
Step 1
Make sure you have credits
You will find your credits wallet on your Home or My Account screen in GoWork App. By tapping the credits wallet, you will be able to see the details of your credit.
Step 2
Choose credits payment method
Make sure to select ‘Credits’ as the payment method when you book a workspace or meeting room.
Step 3
Top up your credits
Top-up credits are available on the My Credits page. Tap the Top Up button to choose and purchase the amount of credits you want.
Frequently Asked Questions
Are purchased GoWork Credits can only be used in one GoWork location?
No. GoWork Credits are not limited to one location and can be used to book spaces in all GoWork locations across Indonesia.
What product can be booked using GoWork Credits?
At the moment, only coworking and meeting rooms are available to be booked using GoWork credits.
Can purchased GoWork Credits be refunded after purchase?
Yes, you are able to refund the purchased GoWork Credits. If you wish to refund, please contact our team so we can help to process the request.
What happens if I cancel my bookings? Will my credits be refunded?
Yes, your credits are refundable. Please note that for meeting room bookings, you are allowed to cancel your meeting room at the latest 2 hours before the booking time for the credit to be refunded to your account. As for coworking bookings, you are allowed to cancel at the latest 1 day prior to your booking time.
How long are the GoWork Credits valid?
The validity period of GoWork Credits may vary depending on the packages purchased. Contact our team for more information. We will be happy to assist you with more information on GoWork Credits packages.