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Coworking Space in Mega Kuningan

by GoWork Team

Ever wanted to have a working space in Jakarta that truly feels like Jakarta? Working in Jakarta could certainly be hectic at times, the busy work areas, the grinding traffic, the loud roads filled with car and bike honks, this is all things that come up to mind working in the downtown part of Jakarta. If you truly want to have a private office in the busy parts of Jakarta without feeling too stressed about it, then this coworking space in Mega Kuningan might suit you well, and here’s why.

A Gazillion of Private Offices

coworking space in mega kuningan

Why did we mention a gazillion? Well, this coworking space by GoWork provides you with more than 60 private offices in total, now that’s a lot. If you’re looking to rent an office space in Jakarta for 50 people, it’s even possible here too due to the number of private offices located in this coworking space. Moreover, by having a private office here means you could get all access to all lounge and coworking area of all GoWork locations. Did we mention that you wouldn’t need to worry about electricity, utilities, cleaning services, and mailing services? All of those are handled by the staffs in charge there, so this would definitely ease your nuisance in paying those bills.

Admirable Meeting Rooms in Jakarta

meeting room mega kuningan

Interested to hold a meeting without making it look too corporate-ish? Unlike any other office spaces, the meeting rooms in GoWork really pay attention to small details in order to make a convenient place to have a meeting. Another special thing is this coworking space is known to have a flashing internet speed, wouldn’t it suck to have a slow internet speed while you’re having a meeting? That would really make your reputation go down in front of your business partners, wouldn’t it?

This particular coworking space in Mega Kuningan realized that in order for a meeting venue to be affordable and admirable at the same time, it must possess a really good internet connection. What happens if the internet is slow? Well, people would complain, wouldn’t they? Only one thing to complain about this coworking space is for its huge area.

Speaking of Huge

office space mega kuningan

Speaking of huge area, this coworking space is the definition of huge, it is around 1800sqm, which is currently one of the biggest coworking space in Indonesia. This coworking space is divided into three parts, and 2 floors, the first floor is located in the ground floor of the Menara Rajawali building, and this makes it easier for you to go around the parts of Mega Kuningan area without taking those pesky elevators first. The second floor is divided into right and left wing. Moreover, the left wing of this coworking space provides you with an exclusive toilet and shower room, for those of you who want to experience the true work, play, live in the office? This is the time to fulfill your dreams to take a shower in the office, especially for those of you who don’t have time to take a shower in your house early in the morning. Meanwhile, on the ground floor, you could find a dedicated gym/workout room, Djournal Coffee, and People’s café inside GoWork Coworking Space.

Spacious Event Space

event space mega kuningan

This spacious event space in Jakarta could hold up to more than 120 people inside, this is convenient and suitable enough for those of you who need to hold a press conference, huge workshops, and other seminars. Currently, this event space in Mega Kuningan is the biggest event venue provided by GoWork. Looking for a place to host a startup event in Jakarta? This spacious event space would certainly answer your question! Another reason why it suits to serve as an event venue is that Mega Kuningan is full of busy offices, what better way it is to hold an entrepreneurship event there.

There you have it, what do you think about this coworking space in Mega Kuningan? A serviced office in South Jakarta with tons of facilities and blistering internet connection speed and a free flow of coffee and tea? This spacious coworking space in Jakarta might just be the workspace you’re looking for.