GoWork at SouthCity Launch: Sculpting the Shared Economy Scene of Jakarta

GoWork at SouthCity Launch: Sculpting the Shared Economy Scene of Jakarta

by GoWork Team

Modern problems require modern solutions. The ever changing scene of real estate meaning having to constantly adapt to changes brought by the shifting paradigms in the market, both for tenants and landlords. In cities as big as Jakarta, this issue applies to both the housing and office market.


Out of all facets of lifestyle, property ownership seems to be the one problem that is constantly plaguing the minds of millenials. Saving up for even the cheapest of down payment can become too big of an issue for the young adults of Jakarta. The housing market practically scares the young customers away. However, a recent disruption brought about by shared economy seem to have become an obvious solution.

SouthCity launched the 55-hectare superblock, which includes The Parc–the premiere coliving apartment project in Indonesia, to provide a solution for the millenials to find a place to live and collaborate with fellow residents. With GoWork, SouthCity intends to create an integrated environment to empower the modern workforce through collaborative spirit. The Superblock will also include dedicated, shared facilities, recreational spaces, and green areas.

Budget-conscious millennials need not to worry about affordability–The Parc provides options to purchase units starting from Rp. 99.000 per day. With this, SouthCity aims to rejuvenate the property sector in southern Jakarta for both the investors and end-users like the millennials.