Beyond Time Management: Strategy To Make 24 Hours Feels More Than Enough

Beyond Time Management: Strategy To Make 24 Hours Feels More Than Enough

18 August 2020

As Carl Pullein said on Medium, successful people like Oprah Winfrey, Elon Musk, and Brian Tracy have one common trait, a great time management skill. They learn the ability to focus on the important things in their life and either ignore or delegate the non-important. Nowadays, we cannot get rid of distraction since everything becomes boundless and fast-moving. We are given the same amount of time each day — twenty-four hours — but how we manage what we do during those period matters most. In this class, we will discuss how to optimize your day and make enough space for every aspect of your life - career, family, social, and personal life.

In this class, you will learn about
  1. Audiences understand the basic concept of productivity (could be from any approach; e.g. time management, tasks management, attention management, etc)
  2. Audiences understand how to set priority the right way
  3. Audiences know the techniques to create effective schedule
  4. Audiences understand the pitfalls of being highly productive
  5. Audiences get the hacks to stay happy and healthy in hectic days
This class is suggested for
  1. General Junior to Mid Level Professionals
  2. General Mid to Senior Level Professionals
  3. Fresh Graduates
  4. College Students

Erwin Sidarta, Corporate Strategy Manager of IDN Media

Erwin Sidarta is a corporate strategist manager at IDN Media. He is a seasoned strategist with more than 10 years of experience. From class coordinator, business performance up to a corporate strategist, he is well seasoned in his expertise.

Syarat dan Ketentuan
  1. Kelas dimulai pukul 19.00 WIB.
  2. Konfirmasi untuk link registrasi webinar akan dikirimkan dalam kurun sehari sebelum acara.
  3. Pastikan memasukan nama lengkap dan email sesuai dengan data yang dimasukkan dalam formulir GoWork ketika melakukan registrasi untuk link webinar. Kami tidak akan approve registrant yang nama lengkap dan email tidak sesuai dengan yang telah terdaftar di formulir GoWork.
  4. Kelas akan dibawakan dalam Bahasa Indonesia.

Ticket Price: IDR 120,000

Setelah transaksi pembayaran kamu berhasil, kamu akan mendapatkan info terkait URL Streaming di e-voucher (dikirim via email).