Communication Strategy: Guide to Happy Customers

Communication Strategy: Guide to Happy Customers

6 August 2020

According to research from Harvard Business Review “..customers remember good and bad customer service experiences, and they are willing to reward companies that treat them well”. Thus, happy customers mean more profit for your company. It is simple but somehow it is also tricky.

In this class, you will learn about

  1. Audiences Understand how highly satisfied customers can bring impact to the business
  2. Audiences know how to understand the needs of our customers better
  3. Understand key communication skills needed to make happy customers
  4. Audiences know customer satisfaction measurement methods
  5. Audiences know common mistakes in treating negative feedback from customer
  6. Audiences know common mistakes in treating negative feedback from customers
  7. How to gain insight and create improvement through customer satisfaction

    This class is suggested for
  • Junior to Mid-level Customer Experience Professionals

  • Customer Relationship Managers

  • Business Development

  • Market and Consumer Insight Professionals

  • Customer Success

  • Communication Professionals

  • Marketing Enthusiasts

  • Customer Retention

    The Speaker

    Oshin Hernis, Head of Communication Sayurbox
    From living a carefree lifestyle, she became obsessed with health and fitness. Not only physically, but also experience a tremendous change mentally. Inadvertently, her new liking in fitness and health has lead me to become a Strong By Zumba instructor on top of working as a full-time customer service manager at a start-up company.

    Syarat dan Ketentuan

  • Kelas dimulai pukul 19.00 WIB.

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  • Pastikan memasukan nama lengkap dan email sesuai dengan data yang dimasukkan dalam formulir GoWork ketika melakukan registrasi untuk link webinar. Kami tidak akan approve registrant yang nama lengkap dan email tidak sesuai dengan yang telah terdaftar di formulir GoWork.

  • Kelas akan dibawakan dalam Bahasa Indonesia.

    Ticket Price: IDR 120,000
    Setelah transaksi pembayaran kamu berhasil, kamu akan mendapatkan info terkait URL Streaming di e-voucher (dikirim via email).