SEO 101: Sniping With The Right Words!

SEO 101: Sniping With The Right Words!

7 August 2020

Along with the competitiveness of giant marketplace industries and the emerging of start-up companies in the same field, it causes a tight competition to win the audience's attention in the marketplace sector, as it is such a “mandatory” for each company to craft better messages, strategies, and make the most out of their channels to create an impactful meaning and get audiences attention to use their service especially through keywords in SEO Content.

In this class, you will learn about

  1. How to create an SEO friendly website
  2. Tips and Tricks to Use Content Marketing to Grow Your Organic Traffic
  3. Strategies on How to Find Profitable Keywords for Your Business
  4. How to track your keyword's performance, Keywords Criteria, Keywords Tools, and Keywords Research

    This class is suggested for
  • Junior to Mid-level SEO Professionals.

  • Digital Marketer.

  • SEO Analyst.

  • Marketing Enthusiast.

  • Content Marketing.

  • Fresh graduates.

    The Speaker

    Yoga Guritno, Head of Website and Content Halodoc
    Full-stack content marketers; collaborate with a team to create and distribute valuable, relevant, and consistent content with SEO friendly. To attract and acquire a clearly defined audience; with the objective of driving profitable customer action.

    Syarat dan Ketentuan

  • Kelas dimulai pukul 19.00 WIB.

  • Konfirmasi untuk link registrasi webinar akan dikirimkan dalam kurun sehari sebelum acara.

  • Pastikan memasukan nama lengkap dan email sesuai dengan data yang dimasukkan dalam formulir GoWork ketika melakukan registrasi untuk link webinar. Kami tidak akan approve registrant yang nama lengkap dan email tidak sesuai dengan yang telah terdaftar di formulir GoWork.

  • Kelas akan dibawakan dalam Bahasa Indonesia.

    Ticket Price: IDR 120,000
    Setelah transaksi pembayaran kamu berhasil, kamu akan mendapatkan info terkait URL Streaming di e-voucher (dikirim via email).