UX Design 101: Guide to Remote Design Sprints

UX Design 101: Guide to Remote Design Sprints

23 July 2020
  • Failure and confusion often occur as the world keeps changing. This happens to almost anything; people, products, businesses, or even a country. However, trials and errors are by far the best method to understand “what’s going on”. For this reason, too, we as human beings and companies can understand, manage, learn, and recover.
  • The notion of creativity plays a critical role in such situations. Not only that, being reflective and agile will help manage the risk of having the same failure. In building a product, we first need to structure ourselves in order to have competencies in dealing with problems, thereby a product that solves problems can be expected. Nowadays, luckily, there are a bunch of free softwares that allow us to collaborate in real-time, so that we as product development and UX teams can run the design sprints even more effectively in this pandemic situation.
  • From perspectives of a leader, professional poker player, product designer, customer service, musician, business consultant, UX lead, and sales guy altogether, Rezza Pradana Putra will share the ultimate guide to Remote Design Sprints, so that UX and/or Product team can still solve problems and manage stresses more practically during design sprints amidst this confusing situation that is going on.

    In this class, you will learn about
  1. Understanding what is a design sprint and Scrum Framework in a nutshell.
  2. How to set up a remote design sprint planning and workshop.
  3. Understanding the benefit of remote design sprints deployment.
  4. How to overcome the challenge during remote design sprints through collaboration.
  5. Understanding how to use techniques and tools on how to achieve a higher chance of successful remote design sprints.

    This class is suggested for
  6. Entrepreneurs
  7. Junior to Mid-level leader
  8. Junior UX Designer
  9. Junior to Mid-level Product Management Professionals
  10. Growth Manager
  11. Junior Professionals
  12. Product Marketing Enthusiast
  13. Tech Product
  14. User Researcher
  15. Product Manager

    Rezza Pradana Putra, Chief Experience Officer of Soundfren
  • Rezza had an experience in people, UX, product, music, arts and business.

  • He lead diverse product design teams, tailor strategic processes and workflow, facilitate agile workflows, connect and integrate cross-functional stakeholders, create value-driven experiences in both web and mobile app design.

    Syarat dan Ketentuan

  • Kelas dimulai pukul 19.00 WIB.

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  • Kelas akan dibawakan dalam Bahasa Indonesia.

    Ticket Price: IDR 120,000
    Setelah transaksi pembayaran kamu berhasil, kamu akan mendapatkan info terkait URL Streaming di e-voucher (dikirim via email).