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Office Space for Rent Daily

In Jakarta Utara, professionals can find convenience and flexibility with our Daily Office solution. With immediate access to a private workspace, individuals can escape the distractions of working from home or crowded cafes. This solution caters to the needs of those seeking a short-term flexible office, allowing them the freedom to focus on their tasks without the burden of a long-term commitment. Our Daily Office in Jakarta Utara offers professionals an efficient and well-equipped workspace where they can work productively and comfortably.

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Our Daily Office provides a convenient solution for professionals and businesses in Jakarta Utara who require instant access to a private workspace. It offers short-term flexible office options that cater to the specific needs of individuals and teams. It is equipped with amenities such as high-speed internet and modern furniture, ensuring a seamless workflow. Additionally, users can enjoy access to shared areas and coworking spaces for added convenience.

Do you need quick access to a private workspace for short-term use, without all the hassles?

With GoWork Daily Office, you can get immediate access to a private workspace to suit your team members and be productive in no time. Available for booking from 1 day up to 30 days. Whether you need the space for deep focus work, or project team work, daily office is the perfect solution for you.

What is Daily Office?

Our Daily Office space comes with everything that our Private Office plan provides – privacy, seamlessness, convenience – for a productive work environment, only the lease will be on short term (1-30 days). If your company/team needs a temporary space or a casual private office that can be booked instantly, Daily Office is the place for you.


High Speed Internet
Central Locations
9 to 6 Access
Spacious Lounge Area
Ergonomic Chairs
Free Hand-brewed Beverages
Business Support

How Can I Book A Daily Office?



Fill in the form on this page with your required date, no. of pax and preferred area.



Choose your desired location, dates, and the number of pax. Fill in your details and proceed to payment. You will receive confirmation email as soon as you finished booking process.



Show up at your booking location. Our team members will show you around and you can get to work and be productive in no time!

Book Daily Office, pay as you go with no commitment?

Start from
Rp 200.000* /pax /day

Daily Office

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between a Daily Office and Private Office?

Daily Office is for short-term office space, less than 30 days. Private Office is an office space for long-term use, with specific requirements. Daily Office is only available on weekdays from 9 am to 6 pm, while Private Office is available 24/7, following building regulations.

What amenities do I get?

High-speed internet, a comfortable work desk and chair in a private environment, access to lounge area and phone booth, a shared printer for your business needs, free coffee, tea, and water throughout the day.

Do all GoWork locations have a Daily Office?

Yes, all of our GoWork locations offer Daily Office solutions. However, please note that the availability of these offices may vary on a daily basis. We kindly request you to ensure you make your booking in advance to secure your spot.

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If you need an office to rent daily in Jakarta Utara, GoWork is the perfect choice for you. Easily book through our website and easy access locations near PIK Avenue, enjoy a private workspace with a beautiful view of the ocean, without the hassle.