Perfect for you and your team who need a private workspace for short-term use. Available on-demand from daily to 30 days of use.


Do you need quick access to a private workspace for short-term use, without all the hassles?

With GoWork Daily Office, you can get immediate access to a private workspace to suit your team members and be productive in no time. Available for booking from 1 day up to 30 days.

Whether you need the space for deep focus work, or project team work, DAILY OFFICE is the perfect solution for you.

Daily Office
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Pay as you go with no commitment

Get a short-term flexible workspace for you and your team to work in your own privacy.

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What is Daily Office

Our Daily Office space comes with everything that our Private Office plan provides - privacy, seamlessness, convenience - for a productive work environment, only the lease will be on short term (1-30 days). If your company/team needs a temporary space or a casual private office that can be booked instantly, Daily Office is the place for you.

How Can I Book A Daily Office?

Since the availability of Daily Office is limited for certain locations, check out how you can find and book your own Daily Office



Fill in the form on this page to find a Daily Office on your preferred location and date.



Choose your desired location, dates, and the number of pax. Fill in your details and proceed to payment. You will receive confirmation email as soon as you finished booking process.



Show up at your booking location and let's go to work! Experience GoWork and its benefits all day.

Our Advantages
High Speed Internet
Ergonomic Chairs
Strategic Locations
Free Hand-brewed Beverages
9am to 6pm Access
Business Support
Spacious Lounge Area
Frequently Asked Questions
What is Daily Office?

Daily Office is a private workspace for short-term (up to 30 days) use at GoWork, where you and your team can work in comfort and privacy. Ergonomic tables and chairs with high speed Internet are inclusive. All you need to do is bring your own laptop, or notebook if you prefer. Access to the workspace is on weekdays 9am-6pm.

How can I book a Daily Office?

Daily Office can be booked with instant confirmation via GoWork website. Alternatively, subject to availability, you can also walk-in and book on the spot. Due to its nature, Daily Office booking can only be up to 30 days.

What is the difference between Private Office and Daily Office?

Daily Office is designed for those who need a short-term use (less than 30 days) of private workspace. While Private Office is designed for a longer term use with certain specific requirements.

Daily Office access is available during weekdays (Mon-Fri) during office hours (9am-6pm). While Private Office access is available 7 days, 24/7.