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Serviced Office in Jakarta | GoWork Plaza Indonesia

by GoWork Team

Looking for an office space for rent? In a metropolitan city like Jakarta, a serviced office in Jakarta is every entrepreneur’s wish, why? It’s hard to find an office with all the amenities provided. Normally, people would go find an office for rent in one of those office building only to get an office desk, nothing else, no wifi, no coffee machines, no printers, no decorations, and so on. Basically, you’d only get one plain office with a desk and a chair. To simplify all of these, which one do you prefer? A furnished office with all the amenities included or a normal plain office where you have to buy everything like wifi and so on? What is a serviced office? Well, what makes a serviced office serviced is a furnished office space where you get all the facilities and services. This is no different to this coworking space in the heart of Central Jakarta.

Up to 40+ Private Offices in Central Jakarta

private office jakarta

Finding a private office in the big city like Jakarta is never an easy job, especially if you’re looking for a furnished office with all the facilities included. This coworking space provides you around 40 private offices to choose from inside one of Jakarta’s most prestigious mall without its prestigious price of course.

So, if you’re looking for a private office in the heart of Jakarta but also not in a corporate building, then this coworking space in Plaza Indonesia might just suit you. So, what would you get if you rent a private office or a shared office space here?

It’s Always about the Wifi

serviced office jakarta

What makes a serviced office truly serviced are the services given. Most of the time, you’d only get a plain white room with a desk and a chair, and maybe a wifi, but what else? Would you get your own lounge areas, phone booth, meeting room or your own coffee machine? This particular serviced office in Jakarta gives you relaxing lounge areas purposely built to socialize with other people and just chill out.

What better way to relax than being accompanied by a wifi, right? High-speed internet is without a question the heart and soul of any business. Some office spaces and even other coworking spaces throughout Jakarta often forget about this vital part. Some offices only provide wifi without even paying attention to its speed.

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No Interruption Please

Does it just bother you if you want to answer a call but you are surrounded by your coworkers or even strangers? This coworking space truly understands that some calls are meant to be private. Well, these dedicated phone booths are designed to be private so you can talk about your business or your personal things without interruption.

Stay Caffeinated the Whole Day

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Are you bored of having the same coffee every day? One thing that is very troubling if you rent your own office space or even office building is you need to buy your own coffee, once it runs out, you need to buy it yourself. However, if you rent this serviced office right here, you won’t need to worry about refilling your coffee machine anymore. There is onsite staff who are there to serve you weekday of the week. They could also make you a specially brewed coffee provided by GoWork’s artisanal coffee partner. This way, you would stay caffeinated throughout the whole day in the office. Oh did we also mention, due to having your own onsite staffs? You wouldn’t need to hire your own cleaning service, and they could get the job done? Of course, with no more additional fee.

So what do you think of this particular serviced office in Central Jakarta? This is not the only location provided by GoWork as they have several other locations, interested to look at other locations?

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