Why Virtual Collaboration Ensures Your Job Security
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Why Virtual Collaboration Ensures Your Job Security

by GoWork Team

As technology surrounding workspace evolves, so does the need to be in the office itself. The shifting paradigm of the state of the workspace leads to the increase of interest towards working remotely.

Companies are now embracing more of virtual collaboration for their employees. According to FlexJobs, even companies as big as Apple, Amazon, and IBM are now listing positions with remote working availability. We can now confidently say that working remotely is now indeed a big thing.

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According to this article in The Startup, this inclining trend in interest towards remote working will bring the importance of the ability to use tools and resources used to connect with colleagues and teams into the highlight.

If you’re currently employed by, say, a tech company, with a desk dedicated for you to work on, then your job might be at risk. Your company might be looking to employ freelancers and temporary workers to take on individual projects. The diversity of skills provided in the temporary job markets which often fills the niche gaps needed are just too sweet to miss. Today’s workers like to put out their own rates instead of settling on what companies offer them.

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An intuit study has also found that by 2020, 40% of the American workforce will be consisted of independent workers. Digital Nomads—freelancers, contractors, and temporary employees—are going to become the modern economy’s blue collar workers. Their skills are diverse, and each one of them are highly specialized in their trades.

Being able to utilize the virtual tools in your work can help you become the employee that your company might need in the future. You’d also be able to maintain a regimen of in-my-own-place, on-my-own-time style of work.

The transformation in traditional workspace doesn’t have to lead to your loss of job. “Going Nomad” is a trend that’s taking over young, entrepreneurial spirits such as Henrique Barroso, who wrote this highly persuasive article about his journey on going nomad.

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If you’ve considered about converting into a digital nomad, then you’ll need a workspace that will support your independent and high-function work style; consider coworking spaces.

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Coworking spaces are often equipped with high-speed internet (which is used to connect you to your employers or team members) and thoughtfully designed workspaces that caters to each of your remote working needs.

If you’re a digital nomad that’s based in Jakarta, then you’re in luck. Our blog provides lists of some of the best coworking spaces in various neighborhoods in Jakarta.