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Coworking Space in SCBD

by GoWork Team

There are a number of places to visit in Jakarta. When it comes to Jakarta, it is best known for either its restaurants, malls, or industrial workspaces. But what if we told you that you can actually find all of these in a single place? SCBD is very well known as the best location for a central business district in Jakarta, moreover its restaurant. But how about workspace or private office in Jakarta? Well, here is our review of a coworking space in SCBD.

Office inside a Mall

coworking space scbd

Now imagine an office located inside a mall? That would be a rare sight, would it? What if we told you that it is not impossible? Having an office inside a mall grants you access to all your favorite restaurants, coffee shops, and stores. This means you could actually live, work, and play inside a mall, that’s every Jakartans dream, no need to worry about that pesky traffic anymore.

Good Food Good Mood

coworking space pacific place

Looking for something to eat outside the mall? Well, no worries, there are tons of places to visit in SCBD and Senopati. Looking for the best restaurant in Senopati? They got you covered! You could even hit off to the coffee shops in Senopati. Most of the restaurants provided in Senopati and SCBD are known for their healthy lifestyle kinds of food.

So what if you want to find the best burger in Jakarta? No need to worry about that too, the infamous Three Buns in Senopati is there for you or perhaps the mouth-watering Holy Crab in Senopati. Now, what if you are asking for other things like “What to see in Jakarta?” perhaps? The well-known Ruci Artspace is there for you!

Strategic Location? Check!

Located in one of the most prime business areas in Jakarta, SCBD is home to several prestigious companies. This coworking space is not only located inside the second floor of Pacific Place Mall, it also puts you right next to the Jakarta Stock Exchange. It gives you access to all your favorite restaurants, coffee shops, and hangout places. Wanna head to potato head while you’re in the office? Now, it is very possible!

Stay Caffeinated

coworking space jakarta

Are you one of that coffeeholic who just needs a daily dose of coffee every day? If so, you don’t need to worry about it anymore since Woodpecker Coffee is ready to serve you with hand-brewed coffee every day. So it’s basically your choice, whether to go to a coffee shop in Senopati or you could just stay and enjoy Woodpecker’s finest. Now, what if you are trying to minimize your expenses? Well, you could try making your own coffee, they provide you with coffee or tea if you want to make your own drink, and it’s totally free!

So that is our review for this coworking space in SCBD, what do you think about it? Let us know by reviewing this coworking space! Interested to see other coworking spaces in Jakarta? Check it out here!