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Coworking Space in Kuningan

by GoWork Team

Finding a working space in Jakarta is never easy. moreover, a coworking space in Kuningan. There are a lot of things to look at, the strategic location, the fast internet connection, the design, the networking, and many more. There are several coworking spaces that provide these but isn’t complete.

They may provide tons of branches, but the design is just so-so, it doesn’t stand out. There are also several coworking spaces that provide a spacious shared office in Jakarta, but there is no one to network with due to occupancy. However, if you are looking for a small office for rent in Jakarta with top-notch design, high-speed internet connection, cozy meeting room, homebrewed coffee, or event venues in Jakarta, there is one coworking space that would stand out the most. This is our review of our coworking space in Kuningan.

State of the Art Design

event space kuningan

Does the design of your work area really affect your work rate? If you are those kinds of people who really love to work in the chicest place, then Rework Coworking Space would give you that pleasing to the eye design. The colorful look of the shared office space (a.k.a. coworking area) truly stand out by paying attention to the slightest detail. Usually, a coworking space would only pay little detail to their interior design, they would only try to put a desk and a chair to their coworking spaces with minimum efforts to make it look good. Well, what difference does that make to a corporate office? It was never about quantity over quality.

Not your Glorified Coffee Shop

coworking space in kuningan

Working in Jakarta is indeed stressful, this is where you need coffee. If you think that this coworking space is just like any other coworking space who wants to be a glorified coffee shop by providing free flow of coffee, or perhaps it’s just one of those internet café in Jakarta. Well, you got that one wrong. This coworking space not only provides a free flow of coffee, but also coffee shops like Woodpecker Coffee and Djournal Coffee serving you with hand-brewed coffee every day.

Moreover, if you download the application that this coworking space provided, you could redeem a freshly made coffee by Ismaya’s Djournal Coffee, or you could hit off to Woodpecker’s coffee bar. Yup, you read that one right, this coworking space has provided you with a coffee bar to keep you caffeinated.

Living and Working in Jakarta

library kuningan

Living and working in the same place? Why not! If you are the type of person who is always practically in a hurry and have no time to take a shower, you might need to take a shower in your office. Yes, surprisingly that’s possible, by becoming a member of this coworking space, you would get an executive toilet which has a shower room.

Now, for you bookworms and literature enthusiasts out there. If you are feeling bored in the office, you could go to the library room where you can find plenty of books to read from, get cozy in the beanbags provided by this coworking space. Plus, if you become a member, you’ll get a 24/7 access card, wanna sleep in your private office? Or perhaps you need a private movie room in Jakarta? Just book a meeting room and watch anything you’d like. Now it’s possible!

Totally Complete Facilities

meeting room kuningan

Looking for an event space and a meeting venue in Jakarta? This coworking space got you covered! Who doesn’t hate meeting in such a dull and uncomfortable meeting room? Usually, a meeting room would only consist of tables, chairs, and projectors. That’s too corporate-ish isn’t it? This coworking space maintains the cozy meeting room designs you’d like to have to support your meetings.

Not only that, you would get tons of other facilities starting from the high-speed internet, conference room, skype rooms, fresh fruit water, phone booth, cleaning services, library, and even a lounge area for those who want to have a short relaxation.

Need the Alfred to your Batman?

coworking space south jakarta

Ever wondered what it feels like to have your own Jarvis to your Iron Man or an Alfred to your Batman? Ever felt like you are too lazy to walk and go find a food for lunch? We get that, working in Indonesia brings a lot of pressure. Moreover, the new startup company in Jakarta has a lot of things to work on. Well, no need to worry about that, this coworking space has an onsite staff where you can request to buy any foods in anytime you want. There you go, for Marvel fans, you got your own Jarvis, for DC fans, you got your own Alfred.

Strategic Location

Looking for an office space for rent in South Jakarta? This coworking space in the Setiabudi 2 Building in Kuningan could be your obvious choice? Why? It is probably the most decent choice to have an office space where it is not surrounded by traffic. Well, there is traffic, but not as heavy as other protocol roads in Jakarta. In addition, there are several places you could hit off to, there are tons of restaurants and coffee shops in Setiabudi 1 building (exactly next to Setiabudi 2 building). Have we told you that there are plenty of startup companies in Kuningan? This is an obvious choice if you’re looking to network with one another, especially if you are a new startup company in Jakarta, this is very important as you would need more connections as you grow.

Interested in this location? Check out other coworking spaces made by this coworking space. What do you think of our review? Have you ever been to this coworking space? If you do, let us know by writing your review about GoWork Coworking Space.