Decentralize Your Office Effectively: This is How
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Decentralize Your Office Effectively: This is How

by GoWork Team

What is the future for the office space that has been radically affected by extended periods of telecommuting? The answer is decentralization.

Now that your team has had a taste of control over their own schedule, getting them to return to a central office located a distance away from their homes can directly affect their productivity. 

In fact, Twitter, along with some other tech companies recognize this problem and are looking towards an indefinite WFH period for all of their employees. However, we are all too familiar with the woes of WFH and its various fatigues. For many of us, the model of work is simply ineffective and is only effective when done in moderation, case in point: hybrid office spaces.

In order to solve the problems that arise (or re-rising) with the call to return to WFO, one must also radically transform their office space model through decentralizing their office space. 

Through decentralizing your office, you’re taking care of two problems at once: the need to de-densify your office space to adhere to government regulations regarding workplace health and safety; and providing a comfortable workspace for your commuting team to return to.

If you’re convinced that decentralization is the future for your office space, then here’s how you can effectively do it, and the benefits that will follow.

Decentralize Your Office with a Purpose

Let’s face it: the CBD-centric central HQ office model is no longer working. In fact, nowadays, even CBDs are decentralizing. In big cities like Jakarta, companies are building satellite offices in new “CBD”s located in the periphery of the city. 

However, this doesn’t mean that you need to relocate your office entirely. The key to decentralizing your office is to locate your office and satellite offices where they need to be. This means that having a central office in the CBD area is still a viable option since it will place you in the proximity of other businesses and government offices. 

Satellite offices located outside of CBDs, on the other hand, are for your commuting team members. You should establish these offices based on your team’s location or the most convenient middle ground between several team members of the same division.

What you might not expect about setting up satellite offices, is how easy it actually is. You might think that setting up satellite offices is just like setting up conventional offices. You can actually easily set up satellite offices in coworking spaces and rental office spaces. The plug-and-work model of these shared spaces lets you set up offices for your team without a protracted transition period.

After you’ve set up the physical office space, it’s time for you to build up the digital infrastructure to support your teams. From cloud-based storage to VOIPs and video-chatting platforms, you’ll need to consider your team’s needs to communicate, share data, and manage workflows.

Finding the perfect office space for your satellite offices

As mentioned above, the simplest, hassle-free option for you to set up satellite offices is through either coworking spaces or rental office spaces. At GoWork, we have both of those. 

Find ready-to-move-in office spaces that are located right next to suburban areas of Jakarta to house a workspace that will have your team focus more on being productive.

Our spaces are intelligently designed to house teams of all sizes, including remote teams looking for a home away from home.