How to Properly Spook Your Office Up for Halloween
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How to Properly Spook Your Office Up for Halloween

by GoWork Team

It’s the final quarter of the year, and everyone is tense. Luckily, the hallowed eve is just around the corner, and it is easily the simplest (and spookiest) holiday traditions to get in touch with, and also the most widely-accepted one, according to this Mental Floss article.

Decorating your office for Halloween can be used to help improve office morale and employee focus. It lets them know that you care for their well-being. As such, here are some tips to help you spook your office up, with less tricks and more treats!

Halloween Decorations

Of course, nothing spells out the hallow’s eve better than paper ghosts and plastic pumpkins placed strategically to make the office feel more festive. However, you can definitely do better than just putting up smatterings of relevant decorations here and there.

You can use cottons to create fake spiderwebs that’s easy to remove, for example. Hang them by the lamps to make things creepy, but in a sensible way. Plastic jack-o-lanterns is always a good choice. However, you can one-up your lanterns by actually putting things in them, like candies or snacks.

This article from The Balance Career shows that even the simplest act of decorating appropriately according to the season can immensely boost the mood and productivity of your employee.

Treats, not Tricks

When is it ever appropriate to just let stacks of candy bars be put everywhere in around the office? Halloween, of course! Let your employee treat themselves to well-earned snacks this season. Furthermore, you can also use this to fill your decorations, to make them look even better, and tastier.

This will also support snack breaks, which have been proven to help increase productivity in the office.

Costume up!

And finally, the crème of the crème, costumes!

Let your employees put on their best impression of Frankenstein’s Monster or Count Dracula for the Halloween night. You can probably count this as an extreme version of casual Friday, and with a twist.  This will help break office monotony, and increase intra-office relationships through discussions about their costumes.

You can take this one step further by holding a costume competition, to foster friendly, competitive spirit of your employees. Some may even team up to make the craziest costume yet! The possibility of this is practically endless.

Halloween might only come once in a year, and only for one day. But that’s no reason not to have the people of your company enjoy the festivities! We at GoWork are excited to invite both our members and staff members to our Halloween party, which, interestingly, is also in conjunction with our Oktoberfest!