Thinking outside the box: how open workspaces promotes creativity

by GoWork Team

For quite some time now, leading tech companies and modern start-ups are making the migration towards open office. They are currently making the push to create a workspace that encourages the employees to “collide”, as how this Harvard Business Review article puts it.

But despite all of the hype, the open office presents a problem, still, especially regarding personal space and privacy. The innovative plan is not without problem, it seems.

Beyond pushing collaboration, however, open office also promotes something that is highly required by the modern, growing companies: creativity.

Beyond the Box

It is easy to make the argument that cubicles are drab and uninspired. However, it is also easy to make the same argument towards open offices. Most of the workspaces that have only recently migrated towards the trend often still adopt the industrial design, focusing on lowering overhead costs instead of empowering their employees.

However, when designed thoughtfully, an open space can help inspire employees by not limiting their visibility. Large windows with lots of natural lighting and strategically placed greeneries can encourage them to look beyond the box, to find inspiration in things they have never considered before. Literally, and metaphorically, thinking outside the box.

By letting the visual constrictions go, employees can easily explore ideas they have, and, in turn, thinking more critically.

Storming the Team

Exploring ideas can often be done more effectively through collaboration—which, of course the open office boasts—that comes in the form of brainstorming. By lifting the palpable communication barrier, teams can collaborate more easily. There is no need for walks towards the water cooler to discuss ideas, or hallway chatters. Teams will discuss on the go, while they’re engaged with their actual works or during short breaks.

Other than promoting creativity, frequent discussions can also encourage team-based problem solving skills, which also contributes to the overall “creativability” in the team.

Collaborative, Box-less Office Spaces

Open spaces, despite being especially beneficial, is not an easy change to be made in established office spaces.
That being said, if you are looking to make the move towards an open office without having to make a big finanical commitment, which is especially hard for small companies, you need not worry. Our open, coworking spaces are thoughtfully designed, and especially curated to promote inspiration and creativity. You can check all of our available locations here to see which one fits your need.