Work Inside a Mall Like Plaza Indonesia, Why Not?
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Work Inside a Mall Like Plaza Indonesia, Why Not?

by GoWork Team

Yes, the title says it all, bored with working in an office? How about experience something else like working in a mall? Now, hold that thought and bear with us for a sec. Who says working in a mall is not possible? Well, other than you own a restaurant or a business there, it’s somewhat impossible, right? Well, not really, there are a lot of coworking spaces in Indonesia that provides you with a shared desk or a private office. There are tons of benefits if you work inside a mall whether you’re a freelancer, entrepreneur, or working for somebody’s startup. What are they? What is it like to work inside a mall in a place like Central Jakarta? Well, what if you are looking to work inside a mall like Plaza Indonesia?

Flexibility is a Guaranteed Thing

Shared Office Plaza Indonesia

Well, the title explains for itself, working in a mall guarantees you one thing for sure, and it’s flexibility. In other words, working in a regular office building doesn’t offer that, you’d only be stuck in a building. If you’re hungry, you’d have to go out the building to find food, yes this means handling Jakarta’s intense heat, working in a mall doesn’t get you all sweaty and smelly. This means you won’t need to worry about being smelly if you were to meet some potential business partner or client. Besides, there are a lot more choices of food inside a mall.

Literally High End

GoWork Plaza Indonesia

Imagine saying you work or have an office at Plaza Indonesia, people you tell will be utterly shocked, impressed, and probably dumbfounded at the same time. Why dumbfounded? Well, for a start, renting a space at Plaza Indonesia is considerably expensive. Second, most people in a coworking space are actually startup owners or freelancers. To say you have a private office in Plaza Indonesia is quite remarkable for new startups, people would be really impressed. Little do they know that you’re actually working or have an office inside a coworking space?

Considerably Close to… Well Anywhere

Lounge Area Menteng

Due to its location in a centralized place like Plaza Indonesia, this gives you access to several other places in Central Jakarta, what’s so special in Central Jakarta? Well, lots of people find it more convenient to meet in a place like Central Jakarta. Besides, if your office’s location is inside Plaza Indonesia, then to have a meeting inside a mall is basically your best choice, you won’t need to go outside the office to go for a meeting elsewhere. Moreover, working in a centralized location gives you access to most places in Jakarta because it’s accessible from anywhere.

Interested to work in a mall like Plaza Indonesia? Well, you can check out more about GoWork Plaza Indonesia here!