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Coworking Space in Menteng

by GoWork Team

Are you those type of people who continuously look for a sophisticated place when you are working in Jakarta? Ever wondered what it feels like to be working in one of the chicest places in Jakarta? Or perhaps you are looking for a coworking space in Menteng? Why not have it in Plaza Indonesia? This working space in Jakarta gives you access to the fanciest place to work. Well, this particular office space in Jakarta is worth looking at. Located just beside Grand Indonesia Mall gives you access to probably one of the busiest yet most visited place in Jakarta. Having a private office in Plaza Indonesia would give you a taste of what it truly feels like to be working in Jakarta, especially since it is Jakarta’s most crowded area.

Heart of Jakarta

coworking space menteng

This coworking space is located on the 5th floor of Plaza Indonesia, and currently one of the biggest coworking space provided by GoWork, which is around 1300 sqm. Moreover, it has more than 40 private offices, so for those of you who want to have a private office in Jakarta but in a more centralized location such as Bundaran HI area, this is probably the most convenient place to be as it is also located in one of Jakarta’s most prestigious mall.

Dynamic Environment

coworking space jakarta

Normally these days, we see a lot of young people or so-called the “millennials” tend to search for the best coffee shop in Jakarta to work in a dynamic environment, why coffee shop? Well basically millennials don’t quite like to work in a corporate-ish place, they prefer to work in a place where they would get coffee and connections at the same time.

Coffee shops all around Menteng serves this function. However, you would get the same feeling if you were to work in Plaza Indonesia. This particular shared office in Jakarta would give you a place to work, connections, and a free flow of coffee, much better than you paying for a coffee right? However, if you’d like to have a much more dynamic environment, you could step outside of the office and stroll around Plaza Indonesia or perhaps Grand Indonesia.

Meeting Rooms in Jakarta? Check!

meeting room jakarta

Searching for the finest meeting rooms in Jakarta to hold a meeting with your clients or business partners? Meeting in one of Jakarta’s most prestigious mall might just be the key for you. Imagine what effect this would bring to you and your client’s perception towards you, it would give you the impression that you are a casual person for holding a meeting in a mall, or it would give them the impression that you are a prestigious person for holding a meeting in Plaza Indonesia.

This would then give you another impression, surely you could hold a meeting in several coffee shops in Jakarta, but a proper meeting venue in Jakarta with numerous seats and projector is the way to go. What’s that? Are you asking whether the design is not good looking? Well, no worries, the meeting rooms provided there has stated of the art design, this would surely keep you wide awake from boredom.

Office Building in Jakarta is so Ages Ago

coworking space jakarta pusat

Having your own office building to work is so 10 years ago. To be stuck in your own cubicles is also so 30 years ago. Now is the time to work in an open workspace and connect with different individuals with different backgrounds. Why is this important? Well, normally you would only work in cubicles seeing the same people every day, which would be really boring wouldn’t it? Not saying that your coworkers are boring, but wouldn’t it be awesome if you get to see different people and make new connections. Work in an office building in Jakarta? Why not go experience your growth in this coworking space in Menteng? Interested to see other locations? Check it out here!