Maintaining your highest level of productivity during Ramadan

Maintaining your highest level of productivity during Ramadan

by GoWork Team

Iwet Ramadhan
Co-Founder of JKTCreative

The month of Ramadan only comes once a year, but your work stays throughout. This means that you may need to adjust the way you work to fit this holy month of fasting. One of our amazing members, Iwet Ramadhan, Co-Founder of JKT Creative, shared with us some tips on how to keep fresh and energized while fasting.

“There’s no secret” he said. “You just have to keep doing what you usually do, and everything will fit perfectly,” but to be even more effective during this holy season, Iwet added the following advice on how you can sustain your productivity while running on empty.

First things first: it is important to maintain your pace and energy level. Iwet has a packed schedule which begins at 6AM for his role as morning program announcer with Cosmopolitan FM. This is followed by daily meetings, which tends to drain his energy the most. “Meetings require me to think. And this thinking, when done repeatedly in a long time, drains me.”

The crucial thing to remember, lwet advised, is to always keep your focus. “It’s just like running a marathon,” he said, “You just have to look straight forward, ignoring all distractions, so you can conserve more energy for the push.”

“Even after finding your focus, remember to only do things that bring you profit,” he jokingly added. He also added that doing what you enjoy helps. “When I’m doing work that I don’t enjoy, I could feel my energy draining,” he said, rolling his eyes.

No matter how much you eat during sahur, you can only store so much energy so you’ll need to refill later in the day. That is why Iwet suggests that it would be better to maintain the energy you have available during the day than overeating.

Making sure that your whole team is on the same pace, vibe, and energy level as you is also important. This means that the team can’t afford to have even one of the members lag behind. When that happens, the whole team would lose their momentum, and consequently, requiring the rest of the team to exhaust more energy from their reserves, lowering their productivity. With what JKT Creative is currently doing, there is no room for slowing down.

JKT Creative strives to empower the people of Jakarta, especially women and fresh entrepreneurs. Their most current program teaches the women of the rusunawa (affordable rental flats) to batik. They want to expand their program further in the near future by providing a platform which connects Indonesian craftsmen directly to buyers, effectively cutting out the middlemen.

When asked about his experience at GoWork Thramrin, Iwet answers that out of the many benefits and facilities provided by our space, the events take the cake. “It is great that the events involve members like us, and we have the freedom to attend the ones that’s useful to us,” he said. “[Co-working spaces] also eliminate the hassle that comes from maintenance, enhancing productivity even further.

In planning our events, Go-Rework goes the extra mile to ensure they meet the needs of our members. “Our events work best when it suits the needs and interests of our members,” explained Martha Oei, Hub Manager at Rework Kuningan. “This is why we curate our events based on member requests and connect our members to bigger companies such as Nutrifood at one of our upcoming events in June.”

Iwet Ramadhan is not the only member that benefits from our events. You too are invited to attend any of our upcoming Go-Rework events taking place. Head to our Instagram page to find out more.