Private Offices in Jakarta | Where to Find Them?
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Private Offices in Jakarta | Where to Find Them?

by GoWork Team

Have you always wanted to have a private office for you and your coworkers? Well, people would definitely want some privacy after suffering the busy life in Jakarta, this is none other than traffic jams, roadblocks, constructions, and so on. Normal people would simply rent a whole floor in a building for themselves, but wouldn’t it be too pricey? There are actually other ways to rent an office space without renting the whole floor in a costly price. This is where the private offices in a coworking space shows up.

Renting Private Offices in Jakarta

There are several coworking spaces in Indonesia, mostly around Jakarta, that provides private office, not only shared office. Hold that thought, we know what you’re thinking, working in a coworking space is loud and too crowdy right? Well, actually they provide smaller offices for your team to perform.

These private offices are scattered throughout Jakarta, thus providing you with a variety of choices on which to choose your suitable private office. Having a private office in a coworking space also provide you with a flexible working space in Jakarta. Why flexible? Well, it’s simply easier to monetize everything, all you need to do is pay for the rent, and the coworking spaces would pay the electric bills and so on, you don’t need to worry about anything! Where are these coworking spaces located at?

GoWork Thamrin 1.0 and 2.0

Private Office South Jakarta

GoWork Thamrin is located in the heart of downtown Jakarta, located in Chubb Square, Thamrin Nine Complex. It’s such a strategic place to have your own private office here, why? Well, simply put, it’s near anywhere in Central Jakarta, it’s just across the TransJakarta Busway Station, so if you hate the traffic jam, just hop on the TransJakarta Busway station. Moreover, there are tons of foods to be found here, so no need to worry if you are hungry. Did we mention that it’s near those high-end shopping malls such as Grand Indonesia and Plaza Indonesia, what more could you ask for right?

So what is with 2.0? Well, there are actually two floors of coworking space, on the 8th and 9th floor, double the size, double the fun. Why did we say fun? It is simply because GoWork Thamrin provides a bar for you guys. Not those kinds of alcoholic bars, but our selection of artisan coffee. This will certainly keep you caffeinated all day long. So you don’t need to go down or outside your office to get a shot of caffeine, it’s all provided here – and the best part is that it’s self-serving, so you won’t need to wait in line!

Speaking of provided, this coworking space provides entrepreneurs, millennials, digital nomads, even freelancers a flexible workspace, world-class facilities, and top of the notch coworking space design, you won’t get bored working here! If you want a private office space in the heart of Jakarta, this coworking space is all that you could ask for!

GoWork Pacific Place

Coworking Space SCBD

GoWork’s newest coworking space is located in one of the most prestigious malls in Jakarta, Pacific Place. Not just located in the most prestigious mall, but it is actually located in the most prestigious place in South Jakarta. This coworking space is located at Sudirman Central Business District (SCBD), which is the heart of the business district in South Jakarta. Imagine having a private office in one of the most prestigious places in Jakarta and surrounded by high rise buildings.

Having a private office in SCBD means one thing, image building. If anyone were to hear about you having a private office in SCBD, moreover Pacific Place Mall, their perspective towards your company would definitely be great. Not stopping there, there are tons of food districts surrounding that place remembering it is near Senopati, which is pretty well known for their culinary and other entertainment venues. This makes it much easier to go food hunting or simply hang out with your coworkers after work.

Of course, this coworking space in SCBD fully provides high-speed internet access, phone booth which is built to be private therefore making your business calls uninterrupted. GoWork Pacific Place also provides conference room to conduct meetings with team members and even potential business partners. There are other things you might get such as coffee to get you energized, fruit water to keep you hydrated, a dedicated printer, event spaces, and you even get your own cleaning service, no need to worry about cleaning your own private office anymore.

Rework Kuningan

Kuningan Private Office

Traffic jam in Jakarta could be pretty bothersome. Probably, sometimes you wish you could just work from in Jakarta, but that’s impossible, isn’t it? With all those franticness, all you could have is a little bit of privacy. A private office in Rework Kuningan is all you need. This coworking space is located in Setiabudi 1, surely a lighter traffic compared to other areas in Jakarta. Having a location surrounded by corporate locations means none other than one thing, greater chance of a partnership. Imagine having a meeting with your potential partner whose company is close to yours, mutual benefits right?

Your private office not only include a high-speed internet, but you get Skype rooms, a tally to use meeting rooms, and you don’t even need to worry about cleaning your own private office, this coworking space in Kuningan got you covered. Kuningan is well known for the place where entrepreneurs and tech-savvy gathers, this is another reason why it’s a great place to have private office, remember that you don’t necessarily need to stay in your private office, the best part of having your small office space inside a coworking space is you could actually develop a network and connect with tons of different people.

Rework FX Sudirman

Coworking Space Sudirman

Do you prefer working in a place where big city lights surround you? Do you look for offices that are located in a corporate location? Or are you those kinds of people who simply love to see the traffic jam in Jakarta? Nonetheless, as we mentioned earlier, having a private office inside a shared office is actually a good thing, the vast network is simply amazing. You get to meet a whole new people, different culture, and different backgrounds, you name it!

What would you get if you have a private office in a corporate building? You wouldn’t know anyone else besides your co-worker, would you? Well, having a private office inside a coworking space in Sudirman is your definite choice, bored of meeting your coworkers? You simply need to get out of your small office and enter a workspace full of people who you might not even know yet. This private office in Sudirman is located in FX Sudirman, which is a shopping center, this means that it’s easy for you to find food at lunchtime.

In the capital of Indonesia, it is never easy to find a workspace in Jakarta, private offices are very pricey when you need to rent a whole floor for yourself in a corporate building. This is where you need private offices which are in the coworking space environment. You get networks, your own private room, and you won’t even need to worry about. Looking for a private office in Jakarta? Check it out here!