Private Office And Coworking Space for Rent
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Private Office And Coworking Space for Rent

by GoWork Team

Now that you have your own business, here’s one slight problem, you’re probably looking for a space for rent and run your business immediately. Yes, having your startup is important, having a coworker helping you out is also important. But, having a place to work on a daily basis to avoid any miscommunication between your coworkers and employee are exceptionally important as well. Here are several option to start your business plan, private offices spaces and coworking space are available to you and your beloved company!

A Coworking Space for Rent

Coworking Space for Rent are the best option to start your business with a flexibility option with it. Either you can choose a flexible desk to accommodate your team to work remotely, or you can ask the coworking space provider for Dedicated Desk that you can do your job focus in certain time and affordable price.

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A New Private Office Space for Rent

Office Space for Lease

If you’re looking for a spacious private office space for rent in a centralized location like Sudirman Street in Central Jakarta, then GoWork’s newest location would probably be the best choice for you! Always wanted to work inside a tall building? Well, located at the 38th – 40th floor of MCC (Millennium Centennial Center), this location would give you the pleasure of having your dream executive suites. What is more fulfilling is its convenience, how? Well, you could access this place via an MRT if you feel lazy to face Jakarta’s harsh traffic. Worry about the place being too unaffordable due to its new location? Well, no need to worry, you could try the place out for a day. Yes, you didn’t read that wrong, you could rent the space for a day. There are so many other coworking spaces and office spaces who would charge you with an hourly office rental, this is too bothersome since you would usually work for hours, this is where renting office space by the hour comes in unhelpful.

Office Space for Lease Inside a Mall? Possible!

Private Office Space

GoWork is the first coworking space in Jakarta, possibly Indonesia which created a coworking space inside a mall. If you’re tired of working inside an office building or a small office space in a random ruko or even a small office building, then maybe having an office inside a mall would be simply suitable. Being the first coworking space that provides a private office inside a mall, GoWork gives you several locations around Jakarta and even Bali that is in a mall. Those locations are Senayan City, Plaza Indonesia, Pacific Place, fX Sudirman Mall, and let’s not forget Park23 Mall in Bali. You don’t necessarily have to rent a huge office space, you could simply rent a small office space. Yes, the size is small, we get it, but you get the whole mall for you and your team, no need to go out of the office building just to find something to eat. However, if you are the type of person who gets easily distracted, we suggest you get a private office in a normal office building.

Literally a Serviced Office

Office Space for Rent

Imagine a serviced office where you sit and work while being massaged by a massage chair with a great view of the city in front of you. It’s not impossible as our office space for rent in Pondok Indah, Menara Rajawali, and Senayan City provides you with that same kind of service. No, you don’t get your own massage chair in your private office, but you get it in a shared coworking area, but by having a private serviced office, you would get access to all other amenities, YES massage chair included. What other amenities would you get if you rent it here? Well, there are tons of stuff such as a business class printer, state of the art meeting rooms, exclusive events, workshops, business supports for your virtual office, free hand-brewed beverages, spacious lounge area, 24/7 access (yes, we are open 24/7, only if you don’t mind working in the middle of the night), and no worries about cleaning cause we provide it for you!

So, what do you guys think about those private office spaces for rent? Interested to find out more? Simply fill in the form below, and our team members will contact you shortly!