Work Crisis in Holiday Seasons, What Can You Do?
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Work Crisis in Holiday Seasons, What Can You Do?

by GoWork Team

Holiday, a time where your work rate becomes less productive and all you can think about is rest. But, for some people, it’s actually a time not to be wasted as they know this is where their work crisis happens. What are these work crisis and what can you do to reduce this condition?

Website Traffic Gone Drop

website traffic

Normally, for a lot of businesses, a drop in traffic during the holiday seasons are inevitable. It’s part of the flow unless it’s an e-commerce site or a travel industry. But what can you do to avoid this drop in traffic? Well, there are tons of things to do actually.

First, optimize your mobile site, why is this important? Well, in the holiday seasons, would you really open your laptop or computer to browse? Unless you’re an over-productive person who just wants to work using your laptop or perhaps you simply love using your laptop to browse. But, most people nowadays tend to use their phones to browse even the smallest things. Optimizing your mobile site is the way to go for this particular matter. Or perhaps, there is one more choice, regular post on social media. Most people wouldn’t last a day without opening their social media, especially in the holidays. This is a great way to capture your audience’s attention. Perhaps your problem during the holiday seasons isn’t around the results of your work, perhaps it’s your own productivity and personal life. Well, this next one should help.

Low on Productivity? What to Do?

low productivity

Who doesn’t get lazy during the holiday seasons? Normally, everyone does, it’s a very normal thing to experience. But what can you do during these times? Just don’t get distracted, how? Well, such a famous example is you’d probably open a ticketing platform during working hours just to look for a destination to go. This is really okay to do, just not in working hours. What can you do? Well, you could actually plan your travel way before the holiday seasons arrived. Buy your tickets way ahead of the holiday, this could really save up money, time and your work rate. And again, sometimes holiday or even taking a break from your work is actually a good thing to increase your productivity too. Taking a day off or two from the offices wouldn’t hurt as long as you get the job done before or shortly after your short day off, and here’s why.

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Taking a Break Isn’t That Bad at All.

handle bad mood

If you’re working in a place where you are strictly forbidden to leave during working hours, this might be a problem for you. But if you aren’t, well congratulations, cause a flexible working hour is actually the only thing that you need for this matter. Sometimes, workers have this certain kind of burden of being unable to meet their family during the holiday seasons when they’re working due to the tight schedule. Consider having a more flexible working hour during the holidays. Remember, the point is the effectiveness of the work, not the duration itself. Remember the old saying, a happy worker is an effective worker. Perhaps, it isn’t about your work and your personal life, perhaps it’s about the environment of your work between you and your coworkers, well this next step might help.

Just Have Fun!

fun in workplace

Yes, you didn’t read that one wrong, just have fun. Perhaps you and your coworkers are just too tired or stressed about working too much. Why not organize a fun game or outing between you and your colleagues? It creates bonding, networking, and perhaps realize that your coworkers are simply just like you, a worker who only wants to have fun during the holiday seasons. What do you think of those ideas? Just remember to not overstress yourself during the holidays!

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