Business & Ideation Coaching with Aila Nordin

17 January 2019

Ideas are a dime for a dozen these days, but how many people can actually put them into action?  

Get the framework to simplify and drive ideas to work.  If you are a business owner, manager, or anyone who wants to be more resourceful in your team and your work, then this session is yours to book.

Join us for session 1 out of 2, one hour sharing and mentoring by Aila Nordin, founder of NIAT, a consultancy to advocate intentional business and creative ideations and Niat Living, a mindful lifestyle and wellbeing platform. 

We will discuss :

  1. Best-practices, craft authentic ideas and share tools and framework that works!
  2. Growth through collaboration
  3. Intentional Brand and Personal Branding

Also a special one-on-one mentoring after the session will be available for 2 lucky people!

Secure your spot by registering as soon as possible, we have limited space!


Chubb Square