MANA CLASS : How to Create an Effective & Efficient Content Marketing

MANA CLASS : How to Create an Effective & Efficient Content Marketing

13 April 2019
Content marketing has become a must-do approach for marketer or brand owner. As traditional marketing, which is to sell and sell and sell the product in a direct selling approach has become less effective, marketer now sees through content marketing, a strategic approach to create and distribute valuable content for audiences. But as you execute many marketing strategies involving content marketing approach, you eventually see that the approach is not effective to gain profit and it is money and time-consuming. So, what's wrong with the content marketing that we just performed? Should we leave it and back to traditional marketing? How can we execute it in a more effective and efficient way?

In this class, the speaker will share tips and trick to run effective and efficient content marketing. Not just beautifully crafted visual content, or that provocative-offensive-eyecatching type of ad copy, but also to make it relevant to the audience. Speaker will also share his experience about customer perspective and consumer behavior upon a brand and also customer journey from aware of the brand (awareness), attracted to the brand (appeal), asking about how to use the product (ask), make a purchase of product (act), and eventually recommend the product or the brand to others (advocate).

Takeaways : 
  • Basic knowledge of content marketing
  • Fact or just a myth about content marketing
  • Content references from well-known brands
  • Defining target persona
  • Executing content marketing campaign through 5A marketing approach (aware - appeal - ask - act - advocate)
  • Protips: The importance of engaging and relevant content in driving business goal
Mentor : 
Hilman Desfakhrian Putra - Head of Content Marketing Moka
Brand and Content Marketer with experience handling mostly in growing startups in Indonesia market. Previously worked in GO-JEK and now currently work in Moka, a fast-growing B2B startup focusing on building POS system and one-stop solution for businesses. 

What to prepare :
  • A laptop with Powerpoint or Google Slide
  • Personal note and pen
Who can join this session :
  • Entrepreneur / Profesional
  • Fresh graduate or entry-level marketer
  • Entrepreneur or SME business owner
  • Professional who want to learn content marketing both in B2C or B2B company

Registration Fee :

  • Early bird ticket - IDR 250,000 / pax (only until 6 April 2019)
  • Regular ticket price - IDR 400,000 / pax

Price includes : Workshop slides, tea/coffee, and lunch

Notes :
  • Seats are limited and payment confirmation is required after RSVP
  • First paid, first serve
  • This session will be conducted in Bahasa Indonesia
For more information
WhatsApp : 081298252180
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Line : @manaclass