Media & Customer Experience : Better Way To Enjoy Great Coffee

18 March 2019

Re.juve as a pioneer and leading premium Cold-Pressed juices in Indonesia, has continuously spread goodness to customers by providing delicious, healthy and honest beverage for them. This time, Re.juve is back with the latest innovation: The First and The Only Cold-Pressed Coffee in Indonesia. Using 100% Indonesia coffee, this new line of Cold-Pressed Coffee is rich in vitamin, calcium, magnesium, mineral, and antioxidants, also less acidic -- surely healthier as well as suitable for an energy booster.

Therefore we would like to invite you to attend Re.juve Talk with :

1. Richard Anthony, President Director of Re.juve

2. Bitina Pravitri, Senior Product Development of Re.juve

3. Hilda Novianti, Triathlete Indonesia

4. Tari Wirtjes, First Pound Icon Indonesia

Look forward to your attendance for this event. We have only 10 spots for GoWork Members.

For confirmation, please reach me at or book via GoWork App.